The Times Cryptic 21867

December 3, 2009

Published in the Hindustan Times, Thu., Dec 3, 2009


1 Such an article written in rough (10) INDEFINITE
6 Slight cut to consider (4) THIN(k)
9 As company manager, I am in favour of keeping oriental dress (10) IM PR (E SARI)O
10 Severely criticise the pounds invested in missile (4) S(L)AM
12 Shock as girl gets officer rank (4) JO LT
13 Offensively strike, wanting large sum of money in plant (9) SPEAR MINT
15 Broad smile vanishes, so poorly placed on these? (4-4) BEAM ENDS
16 Finally feed fire in hearth, wood being low (6) D INGLE
18 Get the better of silly person after university (6) O U TWIT
20 Wide-angle shot of original woman with mother, but not daughter (8)PAN(-d)ORA{MA}
23 With case-loads to work through, shelving everything? (9)U NPACKING
24 Sticks back what is cut (4) SNIP<-
26 Bit of news also out of date (4) ITEM
27 OECD members arranged to share medal (10) DECO RATION
28 Frank’s lost house, a pleasant one (4) (ho)NEST
29 Identification of radio station surfers may maximise use of? (10) WAVELENGTH


1 Winger one is putting in book (4) I(B)IS

2 Go down to look at academic’s degree certificate (7) DIP LO MA
3 Pretty girl in Italy might be poor (4,3,5) FEEL THE PINCH
4 In Britain, the left mean to join party (8) NEAR SIDE
5 Time to firmly fix bracket (6) T RIVET

7 Not enjoying touring lake, making slow progress (7) HA(L)TING
8 They made an arrangement to schedule the ceremony (4,3,3) NAME THE DAY*
11 Block ahead of those coming to this false entrance? (8,4) TRAITORS GATE
14 Obtain soul renewal with this? (10) ABSOLUTION*
17 Swamp tree found in island thicket (8) MAN GROVE

19 Slept so badly, half-naked (7) TOPLESS*
21 Established bachelor needs helping out (7) A(B)IDING
22 Screen persons caught up in security organisation (6) CI(N)EMA
25 To an extent, Saharan khamsin made Egyptian cross (4) ANKH (T)

NB: A couple of answers were entered by a couple of members in the  Orkut community: The Hindu Crossword Solutions that I own and moderate.