Some revolutionary clues

Today there wa a discussion  in Col Deepak Gopinath’s blog

on the use of the word ‘revolutionary’ in crossword clues – whether it is a reversal indicator or an anagram signal.

In that connection,  I have culled some clues from my dB of Gridman’s clues published on various days in The Hindu Crossword.

Most of you might have solved these when they appeared in the crosswords on the paper, but see if you can recall them.

As for the answer to the ‘whether’ question above, I leave it to you to decide!

Surpass deliveries by revolutionary (7) 

Support desi revolutionary (4)   

Rank revolutionary in lone appraisal (7)  

Repaired store destroyed by the revolutionary (8)    

Subject to a French revolutionary returning (5)       

Agile agent catches the revolutionary leader (4)     

Subject to the world body taking up the revolutionary (5)    

Moves briskly to the borders of Kalady for an old revolutionary (7)        

Satisfied, revolutionary sticks (4)


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