On Crosaire’s Irish Times Crossword No. 13,901

crosaire sat

This is the position after some half-an-hour.

This is my second Crosaire but unlike the other day I have not completed it within allotted time. Some more answers might come after I have laid the crossword aside for some time but I thought I would write this blog in the meanwhile.

I have pleasure in dedicating this post to Bill and the gang at his blog.

As one who has been reading Bill’s blog for the past few days I remembered his recording that the Sat Crosaire has four long peripheral entries with the same string of letters within.

That certainly helped. For Crosaire is a little different from other crossword compilers in that he puts in phrases that are not phrases as we generally understand them and which may not be found in a  dictionary: take THE BOY STOOD ON.  (If you have read the Casabianca poem, you know it. Or else not!  Incidentally, this poem was read to me and my siblings by our Dad when we were children.) So without knowing that useful hint, I might not have got a couple of the long entries today.

As I have said before, Crosaire is an uncoventional setter with a highly personal and individualistic style. You’ve to get used to it before you can complete a crossword of his.



1 MISUNDERSTOOD – Brief and elegant

12 BAIL – usually in crosswords double definition clues are the shortest, probably just two words. Crosaire is expansive even in this clue-type.

17 SAD – this took me a while to get!  The reason is simple, I derive PA, DAD, maybe even OB from Pa. But DA is something new for me. Yet, if I got it, it must be because of reading Bill’s blog. (I suddenly remembered this component from his posts.)

19 YELLOW – simple anagram but the phrase “a shade cowardly” lifts the clue to a higher level.

23 TILLER – I need to check this with Bill’s blog.

25 RANCID – familiar wordplay yet Crosaire gives it the way only he can.

29 OWNS – a deletion clue where the deletion indicator is not too obvious and the surface reading is oh so smooth.

34  OPEN AIR – another anag clue where  the device does not cry out and the surface reading is beautiful.


3 UPON – Wonderful clue.

5 ROUSED – Crosaire has this tendency to use in a crossword something from his previous effort. SKINNY it was the other day. ROUSED it’s today.

14 FANFARE – If this solution was slightly delayed for me, it’s pardonable. With ‘supporter’  I couldn’t get BRA off my mind. (And with ‘something to eat’ I was thinking of  BRAnDISH.)

28 TRYING – Familiar wordplay yet Crosaire gives the clue a new twist by avoiding ‘taxing’ or any other word with the -ing termination.

33 LINO – Excellent clue.

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