TIB 6 – Across set

1  Unlike some Europeans, they attract (8,5) OPPOSITE POLES – charade
9 John not accommodating one for rent (2,3)  TO(i) LET – del – Wordplay will be familiar to anyone who has visited a public convenience in India with graffiti writers having to only scratch a letter in TOILET to make some weird suggestion.
10 Thinning not seen often, resistance not offered to cooking in oil (9) RARE F(r)YING – charade cum del
11 A bird acts up, wild owl (7) SWAL LOW
12 Carry out murder (7) EXECUTE – double def
13 What you might call a bearer for…a tot? (8) BASSINET – I know that a bassinet is a basket for carrying an infant – you come across it in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of being Earnest, I think. The wordplay/classification eludes me. Got it just now. The bassinet is to be carried and so the speaker might call a bearer (one who bears, carries) for that. Tot is a drink; you might call a bearer (waiter) for that. Tot also means a child. Whether someone always has a bearer for their child, I don’t know. Maybe in another period, maybe with the very rich nowadays. But a clue with clever wordplay.  
15 Confusion for all to see when followers are upset (5) SNAF U < – rev
17 Produce small prunes (5) CROP S – charade
19 Innkeeper’s head office starting out of studio (8) H O (-a)TELIER – charade cum del
22 What you may beat when you are beaten (7) RETREAT – cryptic def
23 Give approval for a copyright petition (7) A C CLAIM – charade
25 Rascal caught with partner taking booty around (9) S (C ALLY) WAG – c/c
26 A token of peace and love – wickedness overthrown! (5) O LIVE< – charade with rev
27 Thrills come greeting in strange relaxations (13) EX(HI)LARATIONS* – c/c with anag

An excellent set of clues. Impeccable wordplay. All clues have good surface reading and the grammar is perfect.  There is entertainment value in the clues. Nice variation in rev indications. No ‘hidden’ clue is used. And surprisingly there is no anag clue either except in 27ac where too the anag is part of a c/c.

Choice clues: 11, 22, 26


2 Responses to TIB 6 – Across set

  1. diogeneb says:

    CV sir, thanks very much for solving the grid and for posting your detailed analysis.

    13 What you might call a bearer for…a tot? (8)
    A Bassinet is something that can used for carrying an infant around. In that sense, it’s a carrier or bearer for a child.

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