Mark Twain: A Ghost Story

A man takes up lodgings in a large room in a huge old building where the upper-floor storeys had been unoccupied for years. 

He retires for the night but soon strange things happen as the building is haunted by a ghost. After some sleepless moments the man gets up and lights the gas.

This ghost story has humour like in “The Canterville Ghost”. Here the man even talks with the ghost seated opposite him! 

I read the story in a book titled Tales from Beyond the Grave (Gallery Books, 1982) pulled out from my bookshelf.



… and as I turned a dark angle of the stairway and an invisible cobweb swung its slazy woof in my face and clung there, I shuddered as one who had encountered a phantom.


One Response to Mark Twain: A Ghost Story

  1. Typical Twain brand of humour!

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