Charlie Fish: Death by Scrabble

A short story that I read today for the first time and one that is available online.

A husband and wife play a Scrabble game at home.

The husband, who hates his wife, goes through a welter of emotions as he places tiles on the board.

As the game proceeds, it takes a weird turn.

Is there a mysterious power behind the game?

Read it and write your thoughts.




2 Responses to Charlie Fish: Death by Scrabble

  1. Shuchi says:

    As one who’s recently discovered the joys (obsession?) of Scrabble, I read this story with great relish.

  2. A chill ran down my spine as I read the story! What a malevolent husband! And serves him right! Nemesis, poetic justice for all his murderous animosity.

    Scrabble is my most favourite game. Before internet times and children were at home we played using the tiles as the couple did.Fortunately or unfortunately my hubby has no liking for the game. We play rummy. But I prefer scrabble and spend most of my idle hours playing scrabble online!!!

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