Mark Twain: The Stolen White Elephant

Today let’s have a humorous story. It’s an old one and so it is available online.

An elephant, while being transported from India to Britain, arrives in New Jersey for a stopover. But before the journey could be resumed, it is stolen. The owner requests the police to trace it out. A massive hunt follows and a horde of detectives are despatched in different directions to look for the lost pachyderm. The reports that they send to the Hq. are hilarious.

Was the elephant found? If so, where? And in what condition?

And why do you think the author chose a white elephant? 

As we read this story, we must remember that it is set in a previous era quite different from the one in which we live.

At times you might find it preposterous, but have fun!



“I am not given to boasting, it is not my habit; but – we shall find the elephant.”



One Response to Mark Twain: The Stolen White Elephant

  1. A truly Mark Twain story told in excellent prose and narrative skill. can feel the palpable comedy, mockery under the solemn garb of narration! Enjoyed the story.

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