Richard Connell: The Most Dangerous Game

May 2, 2009

Another short story that is not too short but well worth reading.

Rainsford falls overboard but manages to swim to the shore. But it’s not a warm welcome that he gets from the few occupants on the jungly island. He finds himself that he is now caught between the devil and the deep sea. General Zaroff is a hunter and has settled there to indulge in his pastime. Small fry doesn’t fascinate him: he looks for big, challenging¬†game. He recognises Rainsford as a famous hunter and so he makes a proposition to the person who has chanced upon the retreat. The hunt begins. A battle of wits between the hunter and the “huntee”.

A story that I classify under ‘adventure’, ‘thriller’, and ‘suspense’.

Another of those stories whose last line would be etched into your mind forever.


“The world is made up of two classes — the hunters and the huntees. Luckily, you and I are hunters.”