Jack London: A Piece of Steak

May 1, 2009

With each passing day we grow old. We gain experience but we also become less and less strong. The rigours of age can be mitigated somewhat if we have wealth. But without it, life is still more hard.

This story is of an ageing prize-fighter who was once a champion against whom many a contestant fell flat. Today he is in the doldrums with little money even to buy food. He has had fewer and fewer chances of fighting and he is too weak to take up any rigorous work even if it comes his way.

More and more young pugilists are rising and they are able to offer resistance to this man advanced in years, though he may not be lacking in experience.

This is a moving story. The prose is excellent and needs to be savoured. So ensure that you have a quiet hour before you start reading it.

Another of the stories that I have read several times.  And once also to a gang which alas is not quite active now because how many persons can spare time for an old writer, the originator of  SSLC? That is why I went to his home the other day and read a story to him.