A. M. Burrage: Browdean Farm

“Browdean Farm” is a ghost story. Written in 1927.

I have it in a book titled Murder Most Foul, A Collection of Great Crime Stories.

In each of these books that I have, there are many stories, but I find that only some I reread. Others I may have begun reading but left off in the middle because they did not hold my interest. Mind you, they are chosen and included by someone, yet…

Two men pass by a lonely, untenanted house in a remote village. They rent it out as one wants to write a book in quiet and the other wishes to spend time fishing in a lake in the vicinity.

After a few days strange things happen and on enquiry they learn that this was where a man by name Stryder had lived. He was married but at the same time he fell in love with another girl. The older woman goes missing and her body is exhumed from where she was buried. Stryder is convicted of murder and hanged.  His pleas to the jury that he found her dead but hastily interred her are ignored.

The two tenants bravely face the anniversary of the woman’s death and amidst creaking of gates, smashing of windowpanes, slow footfalls shuffling through the hall and other weird happenings they discover the truth.

“The Waxwork”, another story by the same author, is a favourite of mine and I read that to a gathering of SSLC (Short Story Lovers’ Club) in my house some years ago.  It must wait for its turn.


3 Responses to A. M. Burrage: Browdean Farm

  1. Ganesh says:

    Anyone able to get an online link for this SS? I have been searching in vain 😦

  2. cgrishikesh says:

    I too tried but this author’s works seem to be under renewed copyright law.
    Apologies to my readers if the text of the copy of SSs that I mention is not available online.
    In this blog I am talking about stories that have stayed with me for long. The consideration whether the text is available online is not there in my mind.
    But wherever I find it online I shall certainly give a pointer.

  3. My search too was to no avail!

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