Robert Barr: An Alpine Divorce

Today it’s a crime story.

I have read it three or four times.  I don’t remember when I read it first but I was glad to come across it in one of some dozen short story books that I bought at  a book fair in Madras.

Once I read it to an audience at a meeting organised by Pooram Short Story Lovers’ Club run by a venerable Tamil writer with knowledge also of English and Sanskrit. The writer is visually impaired and welcomes others reading to him and a bunch of friends.

Now whenever I meet him he recalls the author and the title and thanks me for introducing the story to him.

Mr John Bodman and his wife have an uneasy matrimony. An idea of uxoricide occurs in John’s mind and he plans a trip with his wife to Switzerland with its precipitous heights. From a previous visit he has decided on a spot to carry out his intent.

The two reach the Hanging Outlook. 

Does a death take place? If so, how? If not, why not?

For me the story’s the thing. I had never bothered to find about this author.  I was under the impression that the SS might still be under the copyright law and so I might not be able to give my readers a link. But luckily it’s available online:


“In some natures there are no half-tones; nothing but raw primary colours.”


2 Responses to Robert Barr: An Alpine Divorce

  1. My God! What a price to pay!Only a couple of days ago I commented on another story about the shrewdness of woman. But this beats it!

  2. Shuchi says:

    Chilling! A new story for me, thanks for linking to it. Very perceptive in how a man’s and woman’s hatreds take form.

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